See below for a selection of testimonials from current and past sponsors.

“Other sponsorship organisations exist to steer the children into Christianity, and I didn’t want to support that. I sponsor through TCRS because these children are being  raised in the faith and culture of their ancestors.”


“When I visited my sponsored child some years ago, I was quite amazed at the impact  a small donation each year can have to help a child get a good education in a loving and safe environment.”


“Sponsorship of a Tibetan child in exile helps to ensure that the Tibetan culture has a chance of survival and I feel happy to take a small part in this.”


“We enjoy getting drawings, letters and photos and watching Tsering grow from a young girl to a teenager. The school helped us spend a lovely day with her in Dharamsala when we visited India.  This has been such a worthwhile experience.”

Leo and Helena

“It is an honour to support these special children. I find it deeply heartwarming to hear of their progress and hope I can make some difference in their lives.”


“I have sponsored Tibetan children for many years now. It was hard to know how to help people who have been so oppressed that access to them in their own country is just about impossible. So it was really neat to be able to help the next generations get an education in India, which as the Dalai Lama says is a key to the future. Lhakpa was my first sponsor child and I felt connected to her through frequent letters as she learnt English as well as Tibetan, and her drawings which mirrored some of the same techniques as my children’s. Watching her grow up in a completely different setting from my own children, made me feel that i could help in a small way to make these children’s lives a little easier. Tashi delek Lhakpa.”


“We have sponsored a child through the Tibetan Children Relief Society of NZ for around 20 years now. We love getting the occasional letter and photos from them to hear how their schooling is going. One day, we hope to get over to India again to visit the school, but currently any overseas travel will see us visiting our mokopuna in London.”

Pete and Fi

“On to our third foster child, such a worthwhile experience knowing you are making such a difference to a child’s life. Knowing every cent you donate goes to supporting the child not lost in admin fees. Appreciate the letters and follow-ups we receive, our first foster child completed her degree, how wonderful is that?”

Lyn and Roger

“I am sponsoring my second child through TCRS and it’s fantastic that the money goes directly to her education and is real value for money! Receiving the letters, cards, drawings and school information each year makes the relationship much more personal.”


“Every child should be given not just an education but an education stressing the importance of the timeless and universal human values of love and compassion, for without them no human problems, either in the individual or in the world, can be resolved. THF is one of the few schools in the world upholding these values.”


“It has been a pleasure to enrich the lives of several young girls at the Dalai Lama’s school over the last 20 years, the girl’s letters, drawings and the school website a source of hope and encouragement for our global village and greener world.”


“In the 12 years we has sponsored Jampa, she has always written back to us with news and let us know how she is doing at school. We love having Jampa as part of our extended family and watching her grow into a mature young adult. TCRS have run the sponsorship programme seamlessly and tirelessly for all those years and we really appreciate the dedication and commitment they have showed all the children at the Tibetan Homes Foundation.”


“Dhondup has been sponsored by our family for 16yrs. It’s been a privilege to have regular letters and in recent years, Facebook contact. It brings us closer together and more in touch with each others lives. If you’re thinking about it…..just do it! It enriches both your lives.”


“Sponsoring a Tibetan child living in exile in India is one of the most rewarding things you can do! The first child I sponsored grew up and was able to return to Tibet, with his Tibetan education under his belt”


“Being a sponsor of Tibetan children through TCRS has been a wonderful experience for my family and I. We have sponsored a brother and a sister over nearly 18 years, starting in 2002. Ngawang was 6 years old at that time, and his sister Tenzin was 11. To my wife and I, they became like part of our family. Over the years we exchanged Christmas greetings, post cards, photos and school reports. Our two daughters considered both of them as their Tibetan siblings.”


“I have sponsored two young Tibetan women through their secondary schooling, and I particularly appreciate the connection TCRS enables me to have with individual children. I love the personal letters I receive from the students – the pictures they draw are very cute too! It’s very rewarding to know that I have helped them on the way to an independent adult life”


“I have sponsored two young people through Friends of Tibet over the past 12 or so years. It’s been a joy to see them grow and flourish through the educational opportunities provided by TCRS NZ…. I love getting their letters and knowing I’ve been able to make a difference”

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