See below for some common questions we get asked. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Is TCRS a political organisation or have political motives?
No – TCRS’ main objective is to promote support for refugee Tibetan Children in NZ and abroad

Is TCRS recognised as a charity in NZ?
Yes – TCRS is a registered NZ charity – Registration # CC38145

Are donations to TCRS tax deductible?
General donations – DEDUCTIBLE
Individual sponsorships of Tibetan refugee children at residential villages in India – NOT DEDUCTIBLE
Gifts made to sponsored Tibetan children– NOT DEDUCTIBLE
Donations made to projects at Tibetan residential villages in India – NOT DEDUCTIBLE

Are sponsorships of Tibetan children at Tibetan residential villages in India and donations to fundraising projects at those Tibetan villages tax deductible?
NO – to be tax deductible, donations to a NZ charitable entity must be spent on charitable purposes in New Zealand.

TCRS does not itself raise money for Tibetan children or residential villages in India – it just promotes these activities and facilitates the transfer of funds to India for these purposes on behalf of members to minimise banking and other processing costs.

Why don’t the funds that are collected by TCRS for individual sponsorships of Tibetan children and special projects at Tibetan residential villages in India appear in TCRS’ financial statements?
For the reasons explained above, TCRS provides a service for facilitating the transfer of members’ child sponsorships and donations to Tibetan projects in India.  These funds do not form part of the Society’s funds and are not transacted through the Society’s bank account.

If TCRS is not a political organisation, why is the Dalai Lama the Patron of TCRS?
Just as the Dalai Lama is Tibet’s spiritual leader, the support for Tibetan refugee children focuses on their education, welfare and cultural needs that are met by education at schools in Tibetan villages located in India.

Can I send money to my sponsored child?
Yes, but for practical reasons (including the level of bank charges that are incurred for one-off payments) it is preferable to make cash gifts through the handling facility offered to members. The schools/homes will administer the funds that are sent by TCRS so that the children have their own pocket money to buy some extra treats.

Can birthday presents and other gifts be sent to the sponsored children?
Yes, but often the item could be bought cheaper in India and you would have the additional cost of postage. When sending gifts there is no guarantee that they will arrive and sometimes the homes have to pay customs duty before the gift is released. Instead, if you add a payment to your sponsorship fee, TCRS can transfer all individual “gifts” as one lump sum payment then an individual account is set up for each child once the funds are received in India. Posting small items is okay – however the choice and risk of them not reaching the child is yours.

Is it possible to communicate with children that are sponsored?
YES – sponsors can expect a letter from their sponsored children 2 or 3 times a year and sponsors are encouraged to reciprocate, particularly with sponsors’ photos.

Can anyone join TCRS?
YES – subject only to completion of a simple application form and payment of a nominal annual subscription (currently $10.00 p.a.)

Is the level of schooling similar to New Zealand schools?
Tibetan children study similar subjects but don’t be surprised if their level of English is not as great as NZ children of similar age. In the refugee schools the initial focus is on teaching the Tibetan language and culture first so it isn’t lost. The children also learn Indian language and culture. English comes next so they are actually fluent in at least 3 languages. Younger children start off by copying from the blackboard and then you’ll see that their letters become more individualized as they progress through their school years. The schools are working hard to raise funds for computers so that Tibetan children can enjoy the advantages of the internet and other technology.

When my sponsored child leaves school what happens?
Some sponsors choose to continue sponsorship through to completion of a professional qualification such as nursing or medicine. Usually however when a child has completed secondary school TCRS would contact you to arrange sponsorship of a younger child. Our focus is on supporting the education of Tibetan children rather than adults.